7 Best Things To Do In Mykonos

Experience the best things to do in Mykonos Island, Greece. Explore these top tourist attractions in this popular tourist destination in Europe! Featured photo of Traditional Greek Village in Mykonos Island via Adobe Stock.

Thinking of taking a trip to the sun-soaked island of Mykonos? Located in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is a popular destination for beach lovers and party animals. From its archaeological treasures to its picturesque shores, there’s plenty to see and do here. But what are the must-dos if you’re planning a getaway there?

We’ve listed these seven unmissable activities for anyone visiting Mykonos. Don’t forget to tick these off your bucket list when you go to this Greek destination!

Discover Little Venice

The romantic neighborhood of Little Venice is a popular spot for its many charming restaurants and elegant houses. Check out the nightclubs or browse the latest works in its different art galleries. Our recommendation is to book a table at one of the many bars near the water to make a toast as the sun sets – the view is simply breathtaking.

Little Venice is one of the top tourist spots in Mykonos
Little Venice in Mykonos | Photo via Adobe Stock

Visit Paradise Beach

Mykonos is known for its partying, and Paradise Beach can be considered the center of its nightlife! Found in the southern part of the island, there are plenty of amenities and water sports to try here. Enjoy a cocktail or get an adrenaline rush through some water skiing. When the sun goes down, get ready to dance on the sand!

Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece | Photo by Luca Conti under creative commons

Explore Windmills In Chora

Check out the historic seven windmills of Chora – they are often the first sight to greet visitors to Mykonos! Built in the 16th century by the Venetians to mill wheat, they remain an impressive landmark and are just a short walk away from the Alefkandra Quarter. Take a few photos of the windmills against the majestic Aegean Sea!

Exploring the Windmills In Chora is one of the best things to do in Mykonos
Windmills In Chora | Photo via Adobe Stock

Day Trip To Delos

Located just a few kilometers from Mykonos, the island of Delos is famous for its historical sacred temples. Known in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Delos is home to the Minoan Fountain, incredible Hellenistic mosaics, and the Terrace of the Lions. Explore the ruins, which are thousands of years old!

Terrace of the Lions in Delos
Terrace of the Lions in Delos | Photo via Adobe Stock

Go On A Bike Tour

Get a little exercise while vacationing by booking a bike tour! We highly recommend this so you can get a good look at the rural paths and hidden gems of the island. Your tour guide will give you a resident’s perspective of Mykonos, showing its many historic churches and beach paths. Make sure your tour includes a stop at the Vioma Farm vineyard!

Sunset view over Mykonos in Greece | Photo via Adobe Stock

Visit The Aegean Maritime Museum

Founded to preserve and study maritime traditions, the Aegean Maritime Museum is home to living exhibits that offer a unique look into the history of Greek merchant-ships. Visit the lighthouse in its garden or marvel at its ancient shipping equipment and tools. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the sailing boat Evangelistria and the steamship Thalis o Milissios.

Mykonos Maritime Museum paddleship exhibit
Mykonos Maritime Museum Paddleship Exhibit | Photo by Iantomferry under creative commons

Stroll Around The Main Town Of Hora

Hora has plenty of shopping hubs, restaurants, and clubs to keep tourists occupied all day! Head to the local market to see the catch of the day, or check out the galleries which are renowned internationally for their contemporary art. Sample the famous baklava with a small cup of coffee, or enjoy the local produce in a tasty meal at a rooftop restaurant in Hora!

Mykonos Hora: Streets of Myknos
Mykonos Hora: Streets of Myknos | Photo by Wally Gobetz under creative commons

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