7 Best Things To Do In Andros, Greece

Experience the best things to do in Andros, Greece. Explore these top tourist attractions in this popular tourist destination in Cyclades! Featured photo of Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece via Adobe Stock.

Andros is the second largest island in the Cyclades, and is famous for its beaches and mountainous terrains. Because it has the best of both worlds, beach bunnies and hikers alike love this Greek destination. Its picturesque seaside resorts are perfect for a weekend getaway. But what else should you check out when you’re in Andros?

We’ve put together a list of the 7 must-dos if you’re in this popular Greek vacation spot. From natural wonders to archeological marvels, our picks will complete your bucket list!

Wander Around Chora

Chora is the capital of Andros. As you stroll through its charming lanes, you can feast your eyes on neoclassical architecture and marble-paved streets. Buy souvenirs from one of the many little shops, or refresh yourself at a traditional taverna. Don’t forget to have a drink around Kairi Square!

Wandering around the town of Chora is one of the Best Things To Do In Andros, Greece
Chora, the capital of Andros | Photo via Adobe Stock

Explore The Beaches Of Andros Beaches

Andros has several sandy beaches where vacationers can work on their tan or enjoy a cool dip in the turquoise waters. Agios Petros, Kipri, and Agios Kyprianos are popular with both locals and visitors. Fellos is a serene pebble beach that’s perfect for a quiet day, and Piso Giala has plenty of taverns for a post-swim snack.

The main beach in Andros town, Greece
The main beach in Andros town, Greece | Photo by GKantaris under creative commons

Have A Taste Of Fourtalia

Fourtalia is a traditional Greek dish from Andros, and there’s often a lot of local competition between villages to see who makes the best one! This thick tortilla-like omelet has sausages and potatoes fried in olive oil or pork fat. Wash it down with some ouzo for a hearty seaside meal, and save the leftovers for breakfast.

The Andros Omelette – Fourtalia | Photo by Archway Andres under creative commons

Visit The Village Of Apikia

The village of Apikia is also home to Sariza, a mineral water spring that is said to have many healing properties – take a dip and see if it restores your spirits, as it’s claimed to be particularly helpful for kidney ailments. A local factory also bottles Sariza soda and water. Refresh yourself in this miraculous water, whether with a cool sip or a quick swim!

The Village Of Apikia in Andros Island
The Village Of Apikia in Andros Island | Photo by Ioannis Fakis under creative commons

See The Pythara Waterfalls

If you’re already in Apikia, make a beeline for the ravine of Pythara. Called the “Fairyland” by locals, Pythara’s crystal-clear waters create beautiful pools and waterfalls full of aquatic life. The lush landscape is home to various birds, amphibians, and wildflowers. Truly a sight that showcases the wonders of Mother Nature!

Pythara Waterfalls in Andros
Pythara Waterfalls in Andros | Photo by Trikos under creative commons

Explore Foros Cave

Foros Cave is one of the most well-hidden in Greece. Pass Aladinos Village’s old bridge and take a guided tour into Foros Cave’s depths. It has many gorgeous rock formations made of limestone and marble, such as stalagmites and helictites. It’s said that whenever an animal disappeared into this cave, it was an offering to appease cave spirits!

Foros Cave in Andros
Foros Cave in Andros | Photo by Panos Kritsonis under creative commons

Go On A Tour Of The Museums

Andros has several museums, including Kydonieos Institute, the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art, and the Archeological Museum of Andros. Set a day aside to visit them all and see ancient Greek artifacts, historical exhibits, excavation findings, and artwork by some of the most renowned artists in Greece.

The Museum of Modern Art in Chora, Andros | Photo by Zde under creative commons

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