Ceres Bus Resumes Operations in Negros Occidental Starting May 18

Ceres Bus will resume its operations in Negros Occidental starting Monday, May 18, 2020. To ensure the passenger’s safety, Ceres will only pick-up passengers from designated terminals where they will be subjected to thermal scanning.

Social distancing will be strictly implemented on all Cere Bus trips.

Designated Loading and Unloading Areas (Bacolod Northbound):

Talisay City: Joricks
Silay City: Jollibee (Silay Market)
E.B. Magalona: Public Plaza
Victorias City: Victorias City Terminal and City Health only
Manapla: Catholic Church
Martisan: Stopover
Cadiz City: Terminal
Paraiso: Ortines
Sagay City: Terminal
Escalante City: Terminal
Central Bato, Sagay: Crossing
Dian-ay, Escalante: Cr. Bago
Marcelo, Calatrava: Marcelo Proper
Stop Aguinaldo: Crossing
Toboso: Public Terminal
Calatrava: Public Terminal
San Carlos City: Public Terminal

For Southbound, designated loading and unloading points are at Ceres Bus terminal. For towns without terminals, the pick-up and drop-off points will be the public plaza.

Please standby for more updates. For the bus schedule, check here.

New Fare Rates

  • Talisay City: Php11
  • Silay City: Php20
  • Saravia / E.B. Magalona: Php33
  • Victorias City: Php52
  • Manapla: Php66
  • Cadiz City: Php94
  • Fabrica: Php108
  • Sagay City: Php122
  • Escalante City: Php140
  • Rizal: Php125.50
  • Lopez Jaena / Salvacion Php130
  • Magsaysay / Cabiguhan: Php135
  • Cent. Bato / Panting: Php139
  • Makiling / Inangtan: Php144
  • Repal: Php148
  • Dian-ay / Bago: Php150.50
  • Birao: Php153
  • Pulopangyan: Php156
  • Bug-ang / Mina-uyahan: Php151
  • Marcelo / Minamasok: Php170
  • Toboso: Php169
  • Calatrava: Php193
  • San Carlos City: Php215

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Schedule may change without prior notice so please check for updates regularly. The current pandemic situation is evolving so there might be changes in schedule or cancellation of trips.


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