2023 Starlite Ferries Batangas to Caticlan Schedule & Fare

This is the updated Starlite Batangas to Caticlan / Caticlan to Batangas ferry schedule and fare. Last updated on January 29, 2023.

Going to Boracay Island from Batangas City? You can take a RORO from Batangas Port to Caticlan to reach Boracay, one of the world’s best islands. Starlite Ferries has multiple daily trips so you will have plenty of options even on weekdays. This is the updated Starlite Ferries Batangas to Caticlan RORO schedule for your reference.

Starlite Ferries has 2x daily trips between Batangas Port and Caticlan Port in Aklan. The first trip from Batangas is at 7:30 AM while the last trip is at 7:30 PM. From Caticlan, the first trip is also at 7:30 AM and the last trip is at 7:30 PM. The fare starts at P1,700.

Batangas to Caticlan

  • 7:30 AM
  • 7:30 PM

Caticlan to Batangas

  • 7:30 AM
  • 7:30 PM

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Passenger Fare

The ferry fare from Batangas to Caticlan and vice-versa via Starlite Ferries starts at Php1,700. There are reclining seats which are the cheapest option and there are also tourist bed bunks and cabin rooms available which are more expensive. The more comfortable, the higher the fare that you will pay.

RECLINING SEATS (Air conditioned)
Regular – PHP 1,700
Student – PHP 1,360
Senior/PWD – PHP 1,214
Child (4-11) – PHP 850
Infant (1-3) PHP 400

Regular – PHP 1,800
Student – PHP 1,440
Senior/PWD – PHP 1,285
Child (4-11) – PHP 900
Infant (1-3) – PHP 400

TOURIST BED BUNKS (Air conditioned)
Regular – PHP 2,200
Student – PHP 1,760
Senior/PWD – PHP 1,571
Child (4-11) – PHP 1,100
Infant (1-3) – PHP 400

VIP ROOM (Air conditioned)
Room rate (Up to 2 pax) – PHP 6,500

CABIN FOR 4 & 8 (Air conditioned)
Regular – PHP 2,900
Student – PHP 2,320
Senior/PWD – PHP 2,071
Child (4-11) – PHP 1,450
Infant (1-3) – PHP 400

Vehicle Rates

As this is a RORO service, you can bring your car with you. The fees for vehicles depend on the type and the size. The bigger your car is, the higher the amount you will pay.

Motorcycle – PHP 5,700
Below 3 meters – PHP 5,800
3 to 6.9 meters – PHP 15,100
7 to 7.9 meters – PHP 20,600
8 to 8.9 meters – PHP 23,100
9 to 9.9 meters – PHP 23,300
10 to 10.9 meters – PHP 26,000
11 to 11.9 meters – PHP 26,000
12 to 12.9 meters – PHP 26,000
13 to 13.9 meters – PHP 59,700

Travel Time

The travel time from Batangas to Caticlan and vice-versa by ferry is around 9-10 hours. It’s best to book the overnight trip so you’ll save time and can enjoy your day roaming around the island.

Contact Information

For further inquiries and complaints, you may contact Starlite Ferries by phone at:

  • Batangas: 09568849497
  • Caticlan: 09568849502

Terminal Address

  • Batangas: Port of Batangas, Sta. Clara Batangas City
  • Caticlan: Caticlan Jetty Port 

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